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Dr. Miguelangel Guevara
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- Dr. Miguelangel Guevara

FACIAL REJUVENATION WITHOUT SCALPEL is a complete procedure involving traditional and state-of-the-art plastic surgery processes with the highest technology, aiming to slow down aging, even turning back the hands of the clock.

In contrast, conventional plastic surgery is always accompanied by a scalpel. The scalpel cuts the skin, leading to bleeding, inflammation, pain/discomfort and a longer and more complicated recovery. Traditional surgery is only focused on "Removing" excess tissue and skin and / or repositioning the tissue, but NEVER improves the quality of the tissues under the skin or itself.

Through our new innovative methods, we can now achieve the two objectives of repositioning the elements of the face to their correct and youthful place. Improving the skin's quality without changing the patient's essence and features and respecting the natural harmony of your face, in addition eliminating the long, tedious, complicated, and uncertain recovery of traditional surgery.

¿Que es?
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Rejuvenating the face is not just using a device. The combination of technologies in the experienced hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon achieves those natural results you are expecting without issues of the durability of the surgery but a delay in the patient's own aging clock.

¿Para Quién?
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I -- Young or middle-aged patients with good skin elasticity andd adequate volume in the face who wish to maintain.

These patients are ideal candidates to undergo non-invasive therapies to continue maintaining a youthful appearance with good skin quality. i.e., MORPHEUS 8, biocompatible organic fillers, botulinum toxin, hydration protocols, etc.

II -- Middle-aged patients with some loss of elasticity and volume in the face that presents limited rejuvenation when undergoing cosmetologically or aesthetic procedures may not yet qualify for surgery. Subjecting them to an invasive procedure would alter the harmony of your face, obtaining an "Operated" appearance.

  • These are the majority of patients.

  • For patients who do not want to "stop being themselves,"


III -- Patients who have already undergone previous surgery without obtaining the desired position and skin quality results.

  • The previously performed surgery places the tissues in a more youthful position, even removing the excess. However, it NEVER improves the skin's quality; after that surgery, the patient continues to age.

  • Patients comment that their appearance is not natural; they look "operated"!

IV --Patients with significant facial aging who want the best of both worlds; it improves the quality of the skin and recovers elasticity with replenishment of the lost volume of the face, but in the same way, it repositions the features of your face in a "Natural" youthful way.

  • When the REQUIREMENTS of the face exceed the limits of technology and must be composed with a LIMITED traditional component, fusing my minimally invasive techniques with a scalpel in a limited and less aggressive way, gives us a longer-lasting result. In these cases, we call a "Hybrid" surgery performed on these candidates.


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FaceTite is a minimally invasive contouring solution (1.3mm diameter) for the face, neck, and small areas of the body. We can achieve results similar to a facelift without excisional surgery. It is a safe, effective, and exciting treatment that offers patients significant aesthetic changes.


FaceTite features RFAL (Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) technology. That provides superior internal lipolysis and external heating, resulting in immediate three-dimensional remodeling of the fibrous septa. In the medium and long term, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated.


It is the ideal tool to lift the middle and lower third of the face, improving the “facial instabilities,” enhancing the definition of the mandibular ramus, accentuating facial contouring, and retracting the skin of the neck.

Built-in safety mechanisms include:

  • Real-time skin temperature measurements.

  • Impedance monitoring.

  • Power loss.

  • Audible feedback to help ensure patient safety.

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With the new AccuTite, focused RF contraction without ablative surgery becomes the new standard in cosmetic medicine. Small but mighty.


AccuTite is the smallest medical device with a (0.9mm diameter). The least invasive device in the world that uses radiofrequency to achieve tissue contraction. It is frequently used in brow lifts, performing "Fox Eyes," and erasing the nasogenian and nasojugal folds of the face and, in particular, patients carrying out the rejuvenation of the lower eyelids. Both reduce/eliminate the internal lower bags and improve the skin's retraction and quality without the need for a scalpel.

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Morpheus 8


Morpheus 8 is the first, and only device in the world used both in the subdermal tissue of the body and in the face and neck to treat various pathologies such as cellulite and localized fat, transform aged features and achieve a more youthful appearance.


It is a programmable fractional radiofrequency with different heads. From 12-40 gold-plated microneedles penetrate the subdermal space, coagulating fat and tightening connective tissue. It is a minimally invasive, safe, and highly effective treatment with immediate results and progressive improvement over time.


We solve the usual problems of fine wrinkles, irregularities on the surface of the skin, and pigmentation, and it is used in conjunction with other INMODE devices to improve the result.



It is a device based on plasma micro-ray technology aimed at correcting areas with flabby skin, promoting skin regeneration from within with minimal trauma and a short recovery time.

It is used specifically to improve the appearance of the upper eyelids without using a scalpel; it reduces the appearance of "crow's feet," wrinkles, and previous scars, a painless procedure with minimal discomfort that delivers maximum results that are carried out under topical local anesthesia.

Plasma IQ


It is a surgical procedure that uses smaller incisions hidden in natural folds and the ear canal. Making it Utterly invisible in its evolution, to remove excess skin and reposition/"tighten" the tissues. It is primarily used in the middle/lower third of the face and neck.


In combination with technology, we are not only improving the appearance by placing the tissues in a new location that favors the aesthetic appearance, but in the same way, we are improving the quality of the skin and its appearance in general with the elimination of fine wrinkles, pigmentation, increased luminosity of the skin, etc.



One of the two primary components of facial aging is the loss of facial volume over the years. Specifically, there is a decrease in collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, fat atrophy and a reduction of facial structures.

The facial volume is replenished with the preparation of micro fat grafts prepared and placed in strategic sites for their survival or the use of hyaluronic acid-based fillers that may be sometimes added to transport residues such as glycine, proline and calcium hydroxyapatite that gradually are released to stimulate collagen production over the months.


The most commonly affected area is usually the middle third of the face (cheek area), the temporal region, the chin and the mandibular angle.

Restitución de Vol


It is a revolutionary skin care method that introduces personalized formulas tailored to each patient to meet their specific needs.

The candidate will be sent a link with a 20–30-minute questionnaire to be filled out without leaving out any details. A well-lit photograph of your face is required along with the questionnaire for analysis. This data is then processed by a database built by more than 100 world medical experts, providing an accurate diagnosis and an exact list of needs.

The cream consists of a revolutionary "UNIVER SKIN" skincare base, a cosmeceutical formula containing vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. Its structure allows the integration of up to 3 active ingredients adapted according to the assessment of the specific needs of skincare. They can be modified over time to accommodate changes in environmental and lifestyle factors.

Each serum lasts for 45-60 days.

UNIVER SKIN is intended for the following cases:


  • Oxidative stress.

  • Skin appearance.

  • Redness of the skin.

  • State of dehydration.

  • Skin texture.

  • Skin oiliness.

  • Skin pigmentation.

Universe Skin


It is a surgical procedure with a minimum incision of 3-4 cm in the submental region whose objective is to correct the "bands" in the neck caused by fat loss in the region and weakness of the same platysma muscle.

  • In conjunction with other procedures, i.e., FaceTite and Morpheus 8, a significant rejuvenation of the region is achieved.

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This technique consists of performing liposuction using ultrasonic energy that selectively breaks down unwanted fat in the jowl's region or lower third of the face. The fat becomes liquid emulsification facilitating its extraction and preserving vital surrounding tissues, i.e., Nerves and blood vessels.


The benefits are as follows:

Obtaining Grander skin retraction.

  • Greater precision in fat extraction.

  • No damage to surrounding tissues.

  • Faster recovery with reduced side effects. For example -- hematoma, bleeding, etc.

  • Allows more incredible facial characterization.


They are performed by making 2-3 incisions of 2 mm in diameter, which are made behind the earlobe and under the chin without the need for sutures or drainage placement.


Facial profiling or facial harmonization is a set of surgical and non-invasive procedures to sharpen and improve the proportions of the facial contour. Until recently, there were a limited number of resources and processes to achieve this goal. With the advancement of technology and the combination of state-of-the-art tools such as FACETITE, ACCUTITE, MORPHEUS 8 AND VASER, we can now achieve profiling in an environment by minimalizing invasive and reduced complications, respecting the harmony and features of our patients. In an age regression between 8-20 years.

Benefits and objectives in this procedure:

  • Remove excess fat and skin from the lower third of the face.

  • Remove excess fat from the neck in all its elongation.

  • Achieve the most significant skin retraction of the neck region, jaw (accentuating the Angle), the lower third of the face.

  • Correction of platysmal folds or bands in the neck.

  • Eliminate the presence of "facial inconsistencies."

  • Lift and firm the cheekbone region

  • Sometimes remove the Bichat bag to achieve a "Valley" effect in the mentioned area.

  • Attenuate the nasogenian groove.

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